WOYWW - week 53

Hello fellow woywwers (that's assuming you are a fellow WOYWW blogger, if not and you haven't got a clue what I am going on about, check it out at Julia's blog here)

Sorry I didn't get around to posting last week. To my shame I didn't manage to do a one year anniversary project nor did I get time to even post an ordinary post, life is just way too hectic! I'm actually typing this up on Tuesday evening ready for posting as yet again I won't have time tomorrow. I have to type quick as well as I have just discovered a brand new 'Zumba' class on at my local leisure centre so I want to give that a go and it starts in half an hour! No rest for the wicked eh?!

Well, TA-DAH, here at last is my new crafting corner in the conservatory. Didn't take long for it to become a complete and utter tip really did it, lol??

Shame about the rain teaming (or should that be teeming?) down the conservatory windows really! It's still light enough to craft on an evening though, even with the rain and it is great to be able to leave everything rather than having to put it away constantly.

As you can see I have quite a few things in progress, I need to make a couple of anniversary cards so the birds in the heart tree are for one of those. Haven't really decided what I am doing for the other one but it is for a silver wedding so I guess it will have to have silver on it!!

The Whiff of Joy stamp is new this week, I've already made a couple of cards with it and thought I would use if for a card for my Mother in Law's Birthday as well.

On my chest of draws is a staple thingy that I got free with a magazine subscription. It has various shaped staples, e.g. ones that say Happy Birthday and ones that are flower shaped. I haven't really used it much so I have left it out in the hope that inspiration will grab me!

My stamps have now moved out of the stripy box and into the drawers of my new craft desk. The box is now home to my inkpads and pens. I was a bit worried about leaving them in the conservatory if it's hot (fat chance at the moment I would say!) so the box will mean I can move them back into the house if need be.

Well, I'm off to sample the Zumba, will let you know how I get on!

Have a great week x


  1. Hi Alison - let me get this right... you only have a corner of the craft room... that won't last long LOL...

    Nice to see it coming along tho.

    Paula x x x

  2. Your "staple thingy" sounds interesting!

  3. Good luck with your new workspace. It wouldn't be tidy for long :)
    ** Evi **

  4. ahh that space will soon grow lol enjoy your class.

  5. And Zumba is????? Do let us know.lol

  6. Tidy compared to my craft station! What on earth is Zumba???

    Best wishes,

  7. Great desk-- and I'll confess I'm a total Zumba addict...

  8. Hiya Ali ,
    Hope your well even though very busy love your images .Well im also in the dark what is a Zumbar class??lol
    hugs judex

  9. Yeah, I'm with Paula..that conservatory's going to be YOURS ALL YOURS very soon!! LOVELY images Alison, beautifully coloured.

  10. What is Jumba? I'm sure your crafting will soon take over the whole space :-)
    A x

  11. Don't know what Zumba is? Please tell. Glad you've got your own wee space now - but watch out! Crafting will take over the conservatory! Kathleen x

  12. What a fab corner to craft in with all that lovely natural (Grey and dreary)light!!

    Can't wait to find out what Zumba is!!


  13. Sorry I'm late it does take till next week to get round all the craftiness! I can see you spreading and filling up that room!! Love your images too (and the card below this one)


  14. ps...of course I had to Google Zumba!

  15. Love your craftspace !!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Peggy xx

  16. Nice space and gorgeous unit!


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