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What's (not) on your work desk Wednesday 89

I thought I should explain my absence recently, you see we have been somewhat busy (no excuse really I know!) We have just purchased a second home (sounds extravagant but we had some money saved up and it wasn't doing very much just sitting in the bank!) and are now in the process of painting and decorating everything in sight!

We completed on 4th Feb and it has just been one big whirlwind of painting, shopping (:-)) and fixing broken boilers (;-( - well, hubby fixed it, not me!) The house is about an hour from where we live (we live on Teesside) and the house is on the outskirts of the lovely city of York. Looking forward to lots of weekends down there as the spring arrives :-) So I haven't done any crafting whatsoever (unless you count glossing skirting boards?! Maybe I should stick some sequins on?!) but I am intending to do a little bit of crafty stuff in the house, although I'm not the world's best sewer! I'm definitely going to do something with the plain…