What's on your work desk Wednesday 54

Well it's that time of the week again, comes around quick doesn't it?! I'm writing this very early on Wednesday morning (well, very early for me, 7.40am, others tell me this isn't very early at all!) as I have a bit more time this morning. Unfortunately the reason for having a bit more time is not that fantastic, I'm going to the dentist :-( Only for a check up but I hate going due to my overly sensitive stupid teeth!

So, what's on my desk this week? Not that much has changed since last week really as what with hubby getting a new toy (Mazda MX5) and me going away to visit a friend at the weekend, I haven't had that much time for crafting. I managed to do an hour or so last night so took the photos then.

On the desk you can see a couple of Craftrak cards, one is an 'England' themed card for the World Cup - better get it sent before we get knocked out (please don't lynch me, my theory is if I am very sceptical and negative then maybe I will be proved wrong!) The other Craftrak one someone sent to me but all the little red gems along the bottom had fallen off (bar one) so I was sticking some new ones on before I send it on its way.

I still haven't used the shaped staples. I was going to use the black football ones you can see on the desk for the England card, but realised they have a rugby ball on them as well!

I didn't get to Zumba last night, but did go for a lovely bike ride for about an hour before I did my crafting. Zumba, for the uninitiated, is a latin american dance class, it was great fun when I went last week so I definitely want to go again. I prefer to be outside exercising in the summer though, so hopefully summer is starting now and I can cycle and walk to my heart's content!!

I must apologise that I never manage to get round everyone's posts for WOYWW, time just doesn't allow it but I do always try to get round a selection of those who have left me comments along with some new ones that I haven't visited before. I usually manage about 15 to 20 so I will get to you all at some point if I haven't already!

So, if you want to find out more about what this is all about, pop over to Julia's blog at the Stamping Ground.

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See you all next week! x


  1. Oh you're busy! The shaped staples are intersting, haven't bumped into those before. A new toy huh? He'll be like me - exercising by walking to the car!

  2. I was still asleep at that time! Shaped staples? Must check them out! Have a nice day! Kathleen x

  3. you are defo a woman around twon Ali... Love the view from your desk - lets hope that you get some crafting done this week... and that England will still be in the world cup

    I'll be watching on Friday - we will be in Somerset with our Welsh friends - we'll subject em to something they never normally see - their national side in a major tournament!!! LOL

    Paula x x x

  4. Really lovely cards on your desk :-)
    A x

  5. Love the card, your desk is great. Have a good week.

  6. Wow you have lots going on. I'm trying to find a zumba place near here but no luck do far. May have to opt for DVD!

  7. The 2 S's....storage & stash ! Beautifully shown !

  8. Great desk - hope all was well at the dentist.......really should make an appt myself - when I pluck up the courage! S x

  9. Great cards hun and what a lovely view you have from your desk :)
    *hugs* Heather x

  10. Great peek...you have a wonderful view from your crafting desk!

  11. Hi Alison! I love your creations. I wanna learn more from your card making techniques.


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