Bit of an avalanche!!

I've had a bit of an avalanche of Craftrak cards land through my letter box this week (if you haven't heard of Craftrak, it is a card swapping website, the idea is to see how far your cards travel - see it here).

So here are the cards I've received this week (minus one which I found on the coffee table in the lounge, I'd forgotten to log it and so it's missing from the photos). Yes, they are on my new desk in my new craft corner in the conservatory, hurrah!! It took all of Thursday evening plus this morning to put the craft desk together (bloody flat pack) accompanied by a lot of huffing, puffing, swearing and sweating (bit hot in there this morning!) but at last it is ready :-) I made my first card at my super new desk this afternoon, one for a challenge so I will post that next.

I did manage to do some crafting in my new craft space last week before the desk arrived, on a table that is really meant for in the garden! Wasn't much good for stamping on, too wobbly.

Can't wait for my new desk to join in WOYWW this week :-) At last I don't have to keep tidying everything away :-)


  1. Lovely craft space. I see the card I sent you. Kathleen x

  2. ooh - I spy one i forwarded!!! Your craft space is coming along Ali - hope you get sorted soon and do a show and tell!!!

    Paula x x x


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