What's on your work desk Wednesday - 50

I have a confession to make about this week's photos - yes, you might have spotted that the Congratulations on passing your driving test card which is on the table was actually made on Sunday and not on Wednesday! I've been rumbled! I took the photo on Sunday this week knowing that my work desk would actually be completely empty this Wednesday as with one thing and another I haven't had any time to craft this week :-)

Having had the opportunity to look (nosey) at all your desks over the last few weeks, I am keen to find somewhere in the house where I can have a permanent crafting area set up so I don't keep having to move everything! We have a four bedroom house and only the two of us, so you wouldn't think this would be too difficult?! Well, we sleep in one room, the other big room is full of clothes so no space in there, the smallest room my hubby uses for his ebay empire (he sells computer games) and this also takes up half of the final room! I also have my PC in there - I do have a laptop now so don't really need the PC but it is connected up to my printer for printing off my various cd roms and I also want to keep it for downloads so I don't get any nasty viruses on my laptop. So, to cut a long story short, there isn't really any room upstairs!!

I did toy with the idea that my hubby could move his ebay empire entirely into the bigger room and I could have the very smallest room for my craft room...but I like where I am in the dining room as I can look out onto the garden. So I think I may have a solution (for the summer months anyway) I think I am going to move the sofa in the conservatory and use the corner where the sun loungers are currently stored (just need a suitable table, goody more shopping! Oh, and a new home for the sun loungers...) What do you think? Nice view of the newly done garden?? Much better than that pokey little room upstairs, hubby you can keep it lol!

Back to my Sunday desk - the main excitement this week is my new paper trimmer which I received as a free gift for subscribing to one of the card making magazines. I'm very pleased with it, it has several settings - straight cutting, wavy cutting, scoring (so I can finally do my own card blanks) and perforation (not sure what I am going to use that for really?) I've used the wavy cutting setting already quite a bit, on the driving test card for example.

I'm off now to look at furniture for the conservatory crafting space on the internet ;-) Have a good week fellow crafters x


  1. Hope you get your own space soon. I like to craft in the living room so I can have the tv on (there is only me so I don't even have to tidy!!)

  2. Loads of lovely things to see - thanks for sharing

  3. a dining room table like me lol;) i too have a 4 bed house but all mine have bodies in (live ones heheh)....looking over the garden must be nice in the summer

  4. glad to see you have spread out on the dining table, love seeing someone get creative! thanks for sharing, hugs mandyxx

  5. Hi Alison - love the card you did... i remember you mentioning it previously and it threw me to see it - i just thought you can't have sent it on...

    Anyway I much prefer to craft in the conservatory as it was only me that sat in it anyway to watch tv - leaving the big one to the boys to watch football and the like. Although I have the smallest of gardens - I still like to look out onto it as I watch the dog crawl into the 'greenhouse' when the vacuum cleaner goes on!!! Also when he burries his tripe sticks (which stink) and digs them back up again - all good stuff which i'd miss if I was upstairs... plus its handy for the kettle here as the conservatory is open plan to the kitchen.

    I have a similar craft trimmer - its called Carl!!!

    Paula x x x

  6. Hello Alison, I craft in the spare room. My two children have flown the nest, I try to keep it all in there, but it's beginning to spread out a little. It's nice and bright and I can listen to the radio while crafting! Hope you get sorted out! Happy crafting. Kathleen x

  7. oh lots of fab stuff here hun,great to see you have spread out a bit hugs cheryl xxx

  8. I hope you get your own space soon, it is important to your well being lol working in a conservatory will be lovely, I wish i had one.x

  9. It would be a good idea for hubby to occupy just one room but I think crafting in the conservatory during the summer is an excellent idea
    Anne x


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