I was having a virtual chat with a fellow crafter yesterday about creativity. Now, I have never considered myself as a very creative person at all. At school I was always bottom of the art class and dropped it as soon as I could. I did, however always enjoy other ways of being creative, but had never really thought of them as being 'creative'. I suppose I always had the opinion that you had to be able to draw or paint to be truly creative. My school age self was however good at creative writing (seem to have lost that skill now however, or maybe not, maybe it will return as I add more blog posts lol..) knitting and cookery.

The knitting has now gone as things seemed to get baggier as I got older for some reason, but I still love cooking and messing about with recipes and different ingredients in the kitchen. Last night I cooked dinner for some friends and was very proud of my pudding, tweaked from a recipe in the TV chef Jamie Oliver's book. It is meringue with peaches, cream, chocolate sauce and toasted hazelnuts. Looks like a bit of a splat on the picture, but tasted gorgeous!

Since I have been making cards people have said how creative I am, so maybe it is true after all?! I do seem to know instinctively what elements look good on a card and where they should go in relation to each other. I am so glad that I have finally found a couple of things I can do to be creative :-)

With all the cooking I haven't had much time to craft this weekend, but I did manage to make a congratulations on your driving test card yesterday. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out as I was tearing the 'L' in half, but I am rather proud of the finished result.


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