What's on your work desk Wednesday - 49

Well after all the comments about my very tidy workspace last time I thought I would take a picture of it in full crafting flow this time! Still looks a bit tidy though! Basically I have to share my craft space with the dining room table so have to clear everything away whenever we want to eat which is a bit of a pain! Items you can see on the table therefore include vinegar bottle, brown sauce and salt and pepper, lol!

So, one of my favourite items is on my table this week, my Sakura glaze pens, I love them they are so shiny and versatile. I've used them here on acetate with some glittery outline stickers which I had in my stash. Then I've cut them out and layered them up - here is the finished result.

The card also incorporates the use of my Cuttlebug which you can see near the tv. Still a new item for me and I am loving it! I've just got some new nestabilities (labels) delivered and I was going to take a photo of them too but unfortunately I had a bit of a disaster with my camera before I could get that far! I dropped it taking a close up of this pyramage sheet from my Walk in Wonderland CD!! Now the lens is stuck in and won't come out :-( Luckily I've sold a few cards this week so that can go towards a new one!!

Before trashing my camera, I did manage to get a photo of my storage drawers. They are great and I can store all kinds of stash in them. The plastic and blue smaller ones on top were on offer at Hobbycraft and are useful for all my smaller bits and bobs. The drawers are just right for my stamps as well, although the collection is getting a bit too big now!! I've had less success with the grey foldy thing on the floor, I can never find anything in it so it really only contains my peel offs now.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my desk this week, happy crafting and will see you all again next Wednesday


  1. I love the card with the acetate. I haven't tried glaze pens yet - it looks like fun.
    I can never find anything in an accordion file - I am too visual! Good luck finding the perfect storage.

  2. Hi Alison

    I love those draws! I also like how you have your penson your desk.


  3. Love your storage drawers. What a lovely card. See you next week. Kathleen x

  4. Those pens are great! I have some too, but I've not used them on acetate.

  5. Hi Alison
    great workspace piccies, great drawers, luv the designs on your desk, sue,x

  6. You and me with the foldy thing...while I was busy rummaging in the front pocket, the damn thing would empty everyhting off my knee from the back pockets..hated it! Love your easy to add to storage..you seem very organised. And the Cuttlebug will go on being your best toy - I've had mine for yonks and still thank myself for it on a daily basis!

  7. Love your storage, I have a thing for storage so nosing around at everyone's desk is a bad thing for me cause I just keep buying storage and reorganising. Not doing any crafting just buying LOL. Thanks for sharing your craft space. Tracy Evans x

  8. I have to say I love the drawers, they were a bit expensive but they are good quality and I can find what I am looking for straight away. It's that modular system that is always advertised in magazines, can't remember the name though, but think I will add to it in future!

  9. Love what you've done with the acetate. Very effective.
    A x

  10. Oh Alison - what are you like... fancy throwing your camera about!!!

    I love sakura pens too - I have all the ones they do so far - I got them from singapore so didn't pay silly UK prices - so I wasn't being extravegant!!! LOL

    Anyway - I love what you have done with them - its something I wanted to use mine for - but guess what - yep... never got round to it!!!

    Your grey concertina file is exactly what I have kept my peeloffs in for a couple of years now - great minds think alike - I catagorised them all and can go straigh to whatever i need.

    Hope you get a new camera soon or you won't be able to upload your craftrak cards!!! I;m sure there will be a bargain or two out there for a good buy... good luck.

    Paula x x x

  11. Love what you've done with the stickers, lovely
    Anne x

  12. Great desk and a lovely card. Have a good week. S x


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