Normal service has been resumed and I am back in blog land, hurrah! It has been a very strange few weeks, we had to all reapply for our jobs at work and be assessed and interviewed and it has all been very stressful. Hence my life just really went on hold for 3 weeks and I haven't done anything else very much. You will be glad to hear that I have kept my job but I didn't get the promotion that I could have got. Still, it could have been so much worse and I really am grateful to still have a job at all in the current climate.

Anyway, this week I am having a week off work to recuperate! I managed to get a a bit of card making done yesterday and my room is a tip already! I really love this Beer Monster digi stamp and have made quite a few with it. The other card is my first attempt at an easel card, not bad I don't think.

Hope to get round a few more desks this week, as I'm off work I don't have any excuse not to really!

Wondering what this is all about? Check out Julia's blog at the Stamping Ground to find out more.


  1. oh great desk hun love the cards you have on your desk too love cheryl xxx

  2. Nice tidy space. Nothing worse than having to re-apply for your own job, I have been in that situation twice and it is indeed stressful. Sorry you missed out on the promotion, and your cards are lovely


  3. so happy you get to keep your job and the stress is over for a while...back to the crafting, i say! ;))

  4. Great desk, and hopefully now you can craft again.

  5. Glad you still have a job, i know all about work and stress, hope you now have more calming crafty times ahead.
    i love your beer monster card too its ace, happy woyww

  6. Gorgeous cards on your workdesk and good to know you still have a job! Moira

  7. Hate all that corporate shenanigans, I think half of it is designed just to make you feel grateful that you're still employed! Enjoy your week off, sounds like you deserve it. THe cards are great, easels are so easy yet so effective.

    Brenda 96

  8. Glad you are still a working lass - does give you a few more pennies for the paper. Enjoy your week and indulge!
    sasa 10

  9. Glad you still have a job, I am waiting for it to happen in my work place soon.

    Enjoy your time off.


  10. Great desk I love the unit with the drawers next to it. I need something like that.
    Happy WOYWW
    Carol (111)

  11. Congrats on keeping your job, that is so important in the current situation!

  12. Hi Alison! Thanks for stopping by my blog....

    Well done you on keeping your job. How many people lost theirs?

    Love the cards - the easel card is fab, and the beer monster does look quite good fun to do. Will we see the other image at the front completed?

  13. Ah well, at least you kept your job...promotion isn't everything. The easel card has turned out well and love that beer monster! Pam (20)

  14. Whew...what pressure you have been under! No wonder if feels good to be back in your craft room...a little long over due relaxation! So happy it all worked out for you and you kept your job! Scary times for sure!
    Darling cards and a nice workspace today. Sue #25

  15. Phew! That must have been a nightmare three weeks. Glad it is over but sorry about the promotion not going you way. Maybe there is something better around the corner.

    Loving that Beermonster too.

  16. hmm Im on a five year plan to be working in a much better climate - and it won't be in the UK

    if we have one more 'skill' review we won't need any skills at all to do the jobs we needed to be post grad's for five years ago...

    Dx 36

  17. Super cards, great workspace, so glad you kept your job

    Now chill!! lol
    See you again, have a great week
    mandi xx

  18. Hi Alison, I hope you have a good weekend after the stress of the past week! You did a good job on the easel card! Saturday, October 9, 2010 11:37:19
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    Patsy from

  19. Your chair looks for comfy! Congrats on keeping your job. I like your cards too.

    Terry #18

  20. Oh Alison, I do feel for you having to go through all that... I had to go in for an interview while i've been off sick - of course i didn't get it- i'd been off six month doh! The doctor wouldn't let me go in for the next round of interviews - i've been ringfenced for two more jobs which they want to interview me for... also everyone back at work has been going through it because of a massive restructure while i've been off.... upshot is, like you say, you've got a job at the end of the day... we have to be grateful for small mercies... ive been contemplating a career break to hopefully get better while i'm on my time but i can't until i've secured one of the two posts... long story! - If you want to vent it more - just drop me an e-mail...

    Paula x x x

  21. Thank goodness for papercrafting. It is my stress reliever from work and life! Glad you were abe to keep your job! Happy WOYWW#78

  22. You live in a unique land. Never heard of having to reapply for a job unless you are a contract worker or consultant. Very stressful indeed. I see your garden is still green, and the easel card is lovely, especially since it's your first. Happy belated WOYWW (#2).

  23. glad everything worked out after you had to reapply for your job. i love the easel card!


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