Wednesday again!

Yes, I know, we say it every week!! And it's 1st September (and looks like summer is finally starting, ha ha). I've just had a lovely weekend off with hubby and managed to get a fair bit of card making in too. And, drum roll... I found my Christmas rubber stamps from last year!! They were in the cupboard under the stairs (see the photo of what I had to rummage through to find them!) obvious place for them really! I know they don't look like very much (it was only my first Christmas as a cardmaker last year) but it was the sentiment ones I wanted to find mainly.

So my room looks a total tip today (well yesterday afternoon) after the cardmaking marathon (OK I only made about 8 or 9 but that is a marathon for me!) I've been doing cards for the hubby's anniversary and grannies birthdays (see my previous post) but have also managed to find time to do some for the for sale box at work and also a couple of christmas cards. (And I didn't even use the stamps, so much for finding them, oh well!)

I've also made a picture out of the Craftrak cards I have kept. If you are a Craftrakker you might spot one or two of yours!

Sorry I didn't get round many desks last week, despite having a long weekend, I will try harder this week, promise!


  1. Hi Alison
    great piccies, glad you found your Christmas stamp, happy stamping,Have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  2. Gorgeous work space and glad you found those stamps. Lots of WOYWWers started their Christmas cards already.

    Happy crafting..........xx

  3. that is a great little work area and good use of the sofa, who needs to sit down . . :)

  4. Fab way of displaying your RAKs - lovely idea. Great little workspace. Hope you soon get time to use those stamps after going to the trouble of hunting for them! Happy WOYWW! Cath in the UK x

  5. Glad you found your stamps and that you get to use them now!!

  6. Fab crafting space, and is that a sofa I spy under your stash, I am off work this week and so is OH but find I don't get any crafting done when we are both off together, plus the added bonus of the sunshine, have to admit to sitting drinking lager in the garden this afternoon LOL.

  7. Lovely busy desk there Ali, fab cards and it's never too early for those Christmas cards! At least you have the stamps now.


  8. I am always in awe of how much light you have in your craft room. And I love how you have given prominence to cards others have made for you. I bet they are thrilled at how you displayed them. Happy WOYWW.

  9. Love your storage and your light and airy space! I bet you'll have a few more Christmas stamps soon though... LOL

  10. Glad you found your stamps....I hate to loose anything.
    A x

  11. The card look good on the wall, glad you found your stamps.


  12. Finding them is way more important than using them right now - I mean, you wouldn't really want to buy doubles in error, huh!! Your understair cupboard looks horribly familiar. Don't you get a lot of craftraks!

  13. yeh! I've just spotted 2 of my craftrak pussy cats on your picture!

  14. Great idea, I need to to something like that. thanks for the snoop,have a great woyww, sorry I'm late.

  15. Hi nice to meet you! Your blog and art looks very fun and inviting.


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